Jun 19, 2011

5 must-haves in the beach bag

When going to the beach it is extremely important to be prepared for any situation . Maybe some of you are not very informed about how should pass a successful sunbathing process, that's why here you are a list of must-haves in your beach bag I made.

1.TOWEL. It is an important detail in the beach bag. Some of us can't ''exist'' on the beach without it, others prefer not to have it, believing that the Sun is taking its place. Well, each of them are right and both are wrong. :) Why? Because a towel should be present in a beach bag, but we should use it just to remove the water from the face, the body should be left to be dried by the Sun. This way you'll get tanned faster.

2.SUNSCREEN. It's, in my opinion, the most important must-have in the beach bag. Our skin is very vulnerable to the UV rays and you might get red if staying to much exposed to the sun without using a high SPF sunscreen. No matter if your skin is darker or whiter, the excesive sunbathing is damaginf it and increases the aging process.

3.SUNGLASSES. Besides stylish accesories, sunglasses are very useful things wherever there's  sun and especially on the beach. Our eyes need protection as well as the entire body. So it's necessary to have one pair of dark sunglasses in the beach bag.

4.HAT. A hot trend this season and of course, a must-have in the beach bag. There are few of us who prefer to wear hats at the beach or wearing them at all. But hats have a significant role . Those who wear hats on the beach are protected from direct sunlight which might provoke headaches, rise of tension or migraines. Hats also protect the hair which can be easily damaged by the sunlight.

5.SCARF. Also a hot trend and a stylish detail of the beach outfit must-haves. When wearing it, follow your imagination and be inspired. You can either tie it on your body as a beach dress/skirt or you can put it on your shoulders when walking along the seashore. You can also put it on your head if you don't have a hat. This way you'll be once more protected from the Sun.


Well my dears, this is it. I'm done here. These are the things which you must have in your beach bag and nothing more. My advice to you, my readers, don't take unnecessary things at the beach. Think twice before you put in your bag all stuff you see such as music players, cells, magazines (OK, fine, you may take one :), expensive things, jewerly, food or drinks (maybe just a bottle of water). This way you'll get a heavy bag full of worries and stress. Having just these 5 things in your beach bag you have all you need in an easy bag and you'll feel more confortable, 'cause this is how you should feel on the beach - relaxed. :)


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