Aug 2, 2011


I can't imagine my life without shoes! Can you? When I put on a pair of beautiful  high-heeled shoes I feel so chic and so self-confident. It's incredible how a stunning pair of shoes can make your day better. It can be either sandals or shoes, anyway I have a special feeling for them. A pair of stylish shoes can make any lady look beautiful. Even if you wear a simple little black dress or a classy office outfit, a chic pair of shoes will embellish it and will give it a special look. As it's known, shoes make the outfit, so they should make it chic and fabulous.

As for me, shoes are the most important thing in each lady's wardrobe. Therefore they should be the most expensive ones. 
Don't buy lots of shoes only because you liked them for a moment. Think twice. Later you may regret. Buy classy shoes which won't get old-fashioned too soon or at all. Choose for your shopping the best boutiques and brands. Don't be stingy when you find a stylish pair of shoes. If you can't afford them yet, wait for the sales, don't buy cheap shoes. Choose only qualitative ones and follow the fashion trends. Even if you like extravagant shoes, make sure your outfit is not overdone. Combine them with simple apparel. And also make sure you have in your wardrobe besides extravagant footwear, at least one pair of classic shoes for any unexpected situation.
From medieval aristocrats wearing decorative shoes to denote nobility to our current obsession with celebrity shoe designers, shoes have and will forever be an integral part of our ability to express our fashion sense and individuality.

For my presentation of shoes in this article, I chose Charlotte Olympia Dellal as she is my favorite designer of shoes nowadays. Enjoy!


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