Jun 14, 2011

The Olive Oil

This Sunday I decided to dedicate the entire day to...myself  :) . As I had no plans because of the ''amazing'' weather outside, before falling into a depression, I told myself that nothing's gonna ruin another weekend of my summer. So I consecrated this day to beauty...my beauty :) . This is how I discovered an incredible elixir of youth and health. You are probably thinking and guessing what am I talking about, what's that elixir?..
OH HELL! no you're not...you've read the title of the article... :))

Anyways I'm going to tell you how I spent my Sunday in the company of the Olive Oil.
I woke up EARLY (usually at 1 p.m. I'm STILL sleeping!) , had a fresh strawberry juice for breakfast (yummy!). A little bit later I found in the kitchen a bottle of Olive oil. I was happy to find it as I read plenty of articles and interesting facts about it and wanted to try it personally, just didn't have the opportunity
(I have a ''special'' memory for this kind of things :) . I read that it is good for the skin, hair; in one word - for the entire body. I instantly decided to try it! 

At first I made a hair mask with which I stayed on my hair the whole day. (When my sister came in the evening she scared me telling that a friend of her did the same thing and all her hair had gone...and that the mask should be kept no more than an hour) OMG! She really scared me...But don't worry...at last I found out it was a joke... Anyways, I didn't believe her :) So know that the more you keep this mask on your hair the better for it. 

Well, let's continue...Besides hair, I wanted to use the oil on skin. I took a bowl, poured the oil into it, took a dose on my fingers and smoothed it on my arms, neck and even face. Well...my impressions?...I was feeling so...oily :)) and this feeling lasted until I got bored because it didn't soaked to the skin...and I took a shower, rinsing the oil from my skin and hair. Then my skin felt soft and moisturized, my hair felt also good, actually GREAT, it was shinning amazingly. 
Today it still shines and my skin is still soft. That's why I've decided to repeat this experience every Sunday since now. You should try it too! Believe me, it worths!


I heard the Olive Oil has miraculous effects if using inside, I mean in food or drinks. So, I guess I'll be using it more often now. :)


Interesting facts about the Olive Oil :

Hair remedies at home with Olive oil (source: sweetadditions.net) :

Olive oil improves the health and quality of your hair and scalp.
Many people have a problem of dry, brittle or frizzy hair.
Probably, this problem may be due to use of expensive products 
which promises silky and shiny looks. Frizziness and drying condition of 
your hair can be treated well with a simple product like olive oil.
Olive oil is used for almost all hair problems including dandruff, hair lice,
hair loss, etc. Also, it acts as a conditioning agent on hair.

The rate of hair growth depends on two factors: the amount of nourishment
that reaches to your hair 
follicles from nutrients supplied to them by the
bloodstream and also the regular oiling and cleaning of the scalp
 and hair.
Some other factors which adversely affect hair growth include stress,
to heat, dust 
and sun and prolonged physical ailments. Olive oil is a good source
of polyphenols which gives anti
bacterial and anti fungal properties. So, some
of the most effective home remedies for hair comprise the 
use of olive oil
as it gives the healthier, softer and more manageable look to hair. (More here)


  1. you can try a spa treatment for the skin :)
    after you use the oil on your face just like a cream, you take a towel, dip it in hot water and place it on your face. try to relax, think happy thoughts...as much as you can :)

    after that wash your face and dry it.
    it doesn't live you skin oily, cause...well, it's oil on oil. :)it actually cleans the pores in depths.

  2. Oh, thanks for the advice!

    P.S. multumesc mult Sasha! :)