Jun 11, 2011

All about colors

Everyone of us prefers certain colors. Have you thought what is it due to? What are the factors which determine one's preferences in terms of clothes colors?
It is well-known and absolutely true that the colors we choose for our outfits determine our mood, feelings and in the end, our lives. Some might like to wear dark colors. And there's nothing bad about it. It's just simply their taste. But if these people will wear always clothes in shades of black and won't put on some bright colors, so will be their life - dark, sad and depressive. That's why it's important to follow your tastes as well as your mood when choosing the color of your garment.

Here are some explications based on people's temperament and why they choose one or another color for their apparel:

YELLOW is usually chosen by positive, energic and optimistic people. They are very creative, with a rich imagination and totally in love with their lives.

 Natalia Vodianova

ORANGE is also preferred by people with creative points of view and original thinking. They are very stubborn about their aims and intentions and usually achieve what the want. They have a special power in this things.

RED prefers emphatic and dynamic people. Such people have a huge motivation to obtain everything being self-confident. In fact, they are the leaders who take everything under their control and ''run the world''. At the same time, red - being the color of passion, determines those who wear it having a romantic mood and deep feelings.


PINK attracts romantic women, kind and even a little infantile. It has a calming effect on people who wear it and often creates a serene mood. In one word - it's a peaceful color.


PURPLE prefer very subtle people, more prone to sensory perception of the world. At the same time they like to draw attention to their own person and are often impulsive.

BLUE is ussually worn by people who aren't afraid to take responsibility and are reliable partners. However, these people are quite cool, calm and smart. It's a color which refreshes, so people who wear blue feel always fresh and in good mood.

GREEN is the color of life and love. It's fans are peaceful and kind, having good intentions with respect to others, always willing to help, to give more and take less. At the same time they are carefull observant. Being the representative color of nature, it gives those who wear it a special power and dose of health.  

BROWN color in clothing is used by people who are constantly stressed and worried about the danger.They often experience discomfort in communicating with others. And most of their energy is channeled to the benefit of their family.


BLACK color is typical for disciplined people, very punctual and preferring to keep everything under control. At the same time, these people are distancing themselves from others. They don't allow penetrating into their personal space and usually have dark secrets from the world. ;)


GRAY is observed in the clothing of secretive people, staying in their own little world, retreating from society. Outwardly, these people seem to be calm, but always concerned with their internal problems. They wear a mask and hide their true personality behind this mask.


WHITE color is considered the color of personification of innocence, reconciliation and harmony. Therefore, the white clothes are preferred by people seeking to restore justice. It's representants are quite peaceful, calm and imaginative.  


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