Feb 17, 2012

Inga Luca - a Charming Voice

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know about my lovely friend with a stupendous voice and a brilliant musical future, Inga Luca. Her talent is surprising me everyday and I really believe she will become a famous singer.
Inga is an ordinary 18 years old kid with an extraordinary power of will and a lot of positive energy. She inspires anyone she talks with and has a great attitude towards life. Singing is what she enjoys doing most of all in this life. She has a special relationship with photography as well. In another words, Inga is an artistic person. Inga is actively involving in her high-school and local musical contests, being appreciated and obtaining great prizes everytime, but I think her time is still to come...
We've been working on a band project for some months together with some friends and we already have our own songs, but for now enjoy some personalised covers of great songs.

Like us on Facebook : Inga Luca & Band
Listen on Youtube: Inga Luca Music

Enjoy and share!

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