Jan 12, 2012

Stella McCartney moments

Stella McCartney. Does she need any description? Not, for sure! We all know she's simply gorgeous.

The fact that she doesn't use in her designs any leather or fur, promoting a ''no-animal'' policy among fashion makes her worthy of great admiration and respect. She showed everyone that it is possible to be fashionable without the death of animals for the sake of the clothes we buy. Fur and leather clothing items are in great demand now, being in top among fashionistas. And this is a sad thing which should sensitize us.

I particularly like her creations because of the original look they posses. Stella knows perfectly how to handle the materials, how to play with dots and colors and has a special attitude towards prints. As a proof of her great sense of style may serve some of the best looks, in my opinion, I selected below.

How do you think?


Sara Sampaio in a Garden Party for Vogue India

Cato van Ee | Alique | Jackie Dutch January 2012 

Specially for Violette Raquette! :*

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