Sep 20, 2011

EMMYS 2011 Style Report

Best dressed. My choice: Nina Dobrev  
The critics named her gown - ''a mess''. Who cares what they say? I love the dress. It looks stunning on her. Isn't she GORGEOUS?     

Best dressed man. My choice: Ian Somerhalder
My GOOOD! He's hot!

Kaley Cuoco. Her lace dress is beautiful and just for her. The length of the dress is perfect. Her red shoes and clutch are a good choice for this outfit. 

Julianna Margulies. God, I love this woman, but why had she put on such an ugly dress? This corset is rather strange. She is beautiful, the white looks great on her, but the dress....oh...Sorry Julianna, you'd better take a stylist next time. 

Lea Michele. Another lady in red which I like less than the previous. She looks good, but i don't like the upper part of the dress however the back is rather sexy.

Anna Torv. She looks great in this black dress. Her make-up and hair are just fine. And her blue sandals seem nice.

Julia Stiles. Oh...this grey dress doesn't fit her at all. And what's wrong with her hair? 

Rachael Taylor. Girl, I love your haircut, but what did you want to say with this metallic dress? It's horible.

Taraji P. Henson. Failed.

Jayma Mays. You look pretty. I love your lipstick. The color of the dress is very delicate. But there is something about the dress I don't like. Sorry!

Jane Lynch. Ohhh...what a mess! The host of the event is supposed to look at least elegant if not gorgeous. She failed. These dresses are so ugly. OK fine...the second one is kinda nice...but it doesn't explain the rest. 

Rob Lowe and Sofia Vergara. They are so beautiful together. Rob looks stunning. Sofia is doing her best to get up to expectations.  

Elisabeth Moss. Sorry, is that a dress?

Michelle Forbes. This woman is beautiful. This dress is a perfect choice for her and for her black hair.

Zooey Deschanel. God! She's adorable. She looks like a kid at a school ball. Pink and delicate. Good job Zooey!

Jennifer Westfeldt & Jon Hamm. This man looks fantastic. Jen is beautiful. And although I hate the yellow dresses, this one looks good on this blonde smiling girl.

Paula Abdul. What's wrong with this corset? Are her boobs uneven? Unispired choice.

Cat Deeley. Absolutely stunning. My idea of a golden girl is pretty alike.

Gwyneth Paltrow. OH MY GOOOD! She looks fantastic! This 2-piece dress is the most stylish thing I saw among emmys outfits. It's perfect for her and fits great with her blonde straight hair. Her smile that night had probably broken many hearts.

Cobie Smulders. This turquoise gown had definetely a strong effect on the people present their. She is very elegant.

Minka Kelly. Critics said it better: ''Such a gorgeous girl stuck in a dress that looks like it was made for our grandma.''

Aubrey Plaza. A very delicate and nice dress.

Christine Baranski. ''The Good Wife'' star was wearing that night a very sexy suit dress. She looks marvellous.

Lena Headey. A stupendous brunette in an old-school dress. An awesome old-school dress. I was impressed by her electric pink shoes. 10+ for boldness. Her smoky make-up did its job.

Amy Poehler. Does this woman actually think she looks good? Her pleasant face says she does. I find her funny. The dress is horible.

Naya Rivera. Absolutely fabulous. The black dress is never a mistake (ok, almost never). This time she rocked. Her make-up is lovely.

Sofia Vergara. Beautiful dress. Beautiful girl. Amazing earrings.

Connie Britton. The dress seems pretty nice at first glance. But then I saw the back part of it. 

Heidi Klum. This woman definetely knows how to emphasize a dress. The nude look she chose is simply great. And her shoes. GOD! HER SHOES! 

Dianna Agron. The dress is nice. But this shiny electric blue fabric...God no.

Kate Winslet. A 'Rose' in red :) Great job Kate!

Katie Holmes. She's lovely. But unfortunately her dress failed. 
Critics: ''She was going for Grecian goddess, but instead came off looking like a yoga instructor as her top looks like a sports bra.''

Jennifer Carpenter. This amazing metallic dress is sexy and elegant at the same time. Great!

Aimee Teegarden. ''A girl should be two things - classy and fabulous.'' 
                                                                                Coco Chanel 
And this is just another inspired black dress. This time an asymmetrical, but gorgeous one. Beautiful hair, Aimee. 

Paz de la Huerta. KILL ME! What the hell is this!? Is she a mexican fugitive hiding at emmys with a horible hairstyle with the purpose of not being recognized? Horible dress, hair and lipstick as well. Such a mess. ''Bad hair days'' look just like this one.

Martha Plimpton. The dress is pretty nice for her. Strange, but I didn't know she actually has a ''body''.

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